Our Story

We have a 1½ year old daughter at home, elders in our family, and it worried us that the risk still exists of contracting COVID-19 and future strains of the virus. 

While everyone is taking precautions around human to human germ transfer, everyone was overlooking the protection around contracting germs from our personal items.

We know that hospitals use UV-C technology to disinfect everything from masks to equipment, but those UV machines cost thousands of dollars.

Thus, we went on a mission to design a lower-power solution that would produce the required UV-C dose to kill harmful bacteria, at a fraction of the price. With the guidance of our medical advisory board, our team of engineers made it work!

After spending countless hours designing and testing our UV light sanitizer, we were able to hit a bacteria kill-rate of 99.9% on many harmful and contagious bacteria such as: Staphylococcus Aureus, E-Coli, and Candida Albicans within 3 minutes!

We are proud to offer our product to you and your loved ones. Stay safe!