What you should look for when buying a UV Light Sanitizer.

When investing in a UV Light Sterilizer, you're buying peace-of-mind and safety. In our previous blog posts, we hope you have come to appreciate the power of UV-C light as an investment in your safety. You're protecting your immune system from being compromised, and when the EPA or CDC come out with the actual required UV-Dose to kill COVID-19, you're also buying that solution too! 

So, while the reward is high, investing in one is a very new experience. How do you know it works? How do I know if I am buying a fake? 

The following post will give you a quick 5-point checklist to go through before buying your next sterilizer.

(1) EPA Establishment Number - This is at the top of the list as it holds the seller of the UV Light Sanitizer responsible to the US Government for any claim they make regarding their product. For example, if a product claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria, but they don't have an EPA Establishment Number; they don't have to be honest about the claim. A  seller without an EPA Establishment Number is a major red-flag. 

(2) Safety features - Exposure to UV-C Light is not safe for your skin or eyes. Therefore, it is important that when you buy your UV Light Sterilizer, it has a safety switch that automatically shuts-off when you open the lid. Furthermore, UV Light should not leak through the device. The most common place it can leak from where the sterilizer opens. Therefore, either a UV Leakage proof zipper or extra material on the inside of the sterilizer would do the trick. 

(3) 100% UV-C Light - Bacteria and Viruses are most effectively disinfected at specific wavelengths: 220nm - 290nm. This is known as the germicidal wavelength or the UV-C wavelength. Therefore, if the light has some UV-A and UV-B light, these are wavelengths greater than 300nm and are not as effective at killing germs. Therefore, ensuring that your UV Sterilizer is 100% UV-C light, ensures it works as expected. 

(4) Proven Third Party Test Results - An additional measure of safety you should take when buying a UV Sterilizer is to request proven third party results. This is a great way to feel 100% certain your items will be sanitized. It also allows you to validate if the seller is simply distributing or is responsible in the manufacturing as well. When looking at these results, the lab could be in the US, China, India or Europe, but the key is that it has the name of the company you are buying the UV Sterilizer from to solidify trust in the company and its product.  

(5) 360° Clean -- UV Light works by exposure to a surface. If your surface is laying flat on a surface without access to the light, it will not be sterilized. Also, if all the UV-C light is coming from the top, it will not be as effective on the bottom of the object, even if it is raised on a tray. Lastly, a reflective interior like aluminum is important to allow the light to keep bouncing around and hitting your object from different angles (though the intensity reduces with every bounce). 

We hope these tips make help you feel confident when buying you UV Sterilizer. At Doctor's Choice, we have already taken these into account during our design process, so feel free to check out personal UV Sterilizer here. 

- Your friends at Doctor's Choice UV Sterilizer

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Where is the product manufactured?
Also what is the EPA number for your product?
Maybe I missed it or didnt do a correct search but how can I look it up?
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