Does UV Light really work at disinfecting germs?

With COVID-19 in full-swing, we are all grasping for some sense of security and safety. We are living through an unprecedented moment in modern history, and as humans, we want solutions.

Thus, when UV light started making the rounds on the internet, it seemed like a completely new technology, but the reality is that UV light, specifically UV-C light has been used against bacteria like e-coli and virus’ like the common flu for decades. See here, here, and here from some scientific studies. 

Further, in hospitals, UV-C light is the go-to-sterilization method for many things, including masks and surgical tools. But, how does it work? There has to be a more human example than just scientific studies! 

In this post, we will keep it simple. We will explain how UV Light works through the analogy of how you get that nice summer tan, or that tan gone wrong— a sunburn. 

UV light comes in three forms, UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-B light, which is 5% of the UV light that reaches us from the sun is absorbed by cells in your skin called melanocytes, which stimulates melanin to be produced.

Melanin springs into action to protect your skin from the damage of UV-B rays. This causes the skin to darken, and that's how you get that nice summer tan!

However, when you have too much UV-B exposure, it overwhelms your natural body defenses, resulting in a toxic reaction we call a sunburn. Further, repeated exposure of UV-B light leads the damaging of the DNA in your skin cells, leading to cancer.

From this simple example, we can understand how UV Light (specifically UV-B) can impact the DNA of humans through the skin, and cause unwanted problems. 

UV-C light does the same thing, but is tailor-made for the DNA and RNA of virus’ and harmful bacteria. You can think of UV-C light as roasting germs and causing their DNA to be damaged where they can’t reproduce and stop working. 

And that's pretty much it. The scientific studies prove this theory works from a microbiological level, but this theory makes it easy to believe UV-C Light as an effective sanitizer. 

In our next post, we will dive deeper into UV-C light sanitization principles and explain the key terms you should know, whenever you buy a UV-C light sterilizer. 

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