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Introducing your personal UV Sterilizer

Staying safe during these unprecedented times is a stressful challenge for everyone. Working with our medical advisory board, our mission was simple: make hospital used UV-C light safely part of your daily routine, and that's what we did! With our bag, the germs on your items will be killed, giving you that much needed, but elusive, peace of mind!


EPA Established

Approved to sell our UV Sterilizer by the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

99.9% Germ kill-rate

Proven 3rd party test results on E-Coli, Staph Infections and Candida.

Safety Power Switch

Sterilizer will shut-off if opened mid-cycle, protecting your eyes and skin from UV radiation.

No harsh chemicals

Designed with UV-C LED chips, you can be sure that your personal UV Sterilizer is Mercury and Ozone Free. 

UV-proof zipper

Our unique, UV leakage-proof zipper keeps you safe from any UV radiation. 

360° Santization

With UV-C LEDs on the top and bottom, a tray to hold your object, and a reflective interior, your items get a complete clean.

Did you know?

See our results

As a front-line worker, I used to feel nervous coming home with germs, this sterilizer has been a life-saver. 

- Brooke McKenna | Nurse

I wish I could give this more than 5 stars. I use it for my mask, phone, iPad and pens everyday. 

- Ian Lee | Delearship Salesman

I saw many knock-off's on Amazon, but this was backed by Science, has EPA approval and focused on my safety, BUY THIS!

- Holly Lawrence | Stay-at-home mom

UV-C Light - The Ultimate Surface Disinfectant

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Your ultimate multi-purpose cleaner

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Safety, meet convenience

Say good-bye to bulky chargers! We believe that safety shouldn't be limited to your home, but to anywhere you are. This is why we spent countless hours figuring out how to make our UVC light sanitizer USB-powered. Many of our customers have gotten creative and are using it in places we never would have thought! Check out the reviews for more!

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